Laureus World Sports Awards 2017 / Monaco


There can be worse places in the world to be than in Monaco on Valentine's Day but I'd much rather be sat across from my wife than my oldest and dearest friend, in a restaurant filled with young couples who arrive on mopeds dressed in their finest.

The business at hand on this fleeting trip to Monaco is to capture as many of the Laureus members to sign an exclusive signature sheet and capture their portraits to appear in their chapter in the Laureus Opus. Our schedule was busy but when possible we were also asking the members the same three questions on video about their careers which delivered diverse responses.

The members themselves are so gracious with their time. On this particular shoot the likes of Gary Player, Katarina Witt, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Carles Puyol and indeed many others share some great stories. We see Simone Biles in reception and congratulate her on winning Sportswoman of the Year. She makes time in her day to visit our studio in the Hermitage Hotel where all the Laureus members are staying. At 19 years of age and 4ft 8" she packs a lot of punch and charm. Another hero that oozes charisma is Luís Figo. I captured his portrait last year but he was more than happy to be interviewed before leaving for the airport.